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Dubai, June 23, 2003
Egyptian Internet solutions powerhouse partners with Comtrust
LINKdotNET has joined Comtrust Solutions Partner (CSP) programme announced Comtrust.
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Cairo, June 18, 2003
LINKdotNET Collects More Microsoft Awards Link Development acquires two new technical awards
LINKdotNET won the E-Commerce Solution of the Year (2002/2003) award by Microsoft Egypt for its work on Speed Send.
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Cairo, June, 2003
Link Development launches Dream TV site on the World Wide Web
Dream TV has launched its new web site bringing to Internet users many exciting and useful features.
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Cairo, March 2, 2003
MSN Arabia announces its Ramadan 2002 Competition winners
MSN Arabia Ramadan 2002 Competition asked users 30 questions, on a daily basis throughout Ramadan, on subjects including general interest, MSN Arabia and the holy month.
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Cairo, January 30, 2003
Link Development Wins AAAA Gold
Link Development won the American University's Annual Advertising Award (A.A.A.A.) gold award in web-site design for its work on
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Cairo, January 30, 2003
Mazika awards its Guess This! competition winners
Mazika, the largest Arab music portal, greeted the Mazika Guess This! competition winners to an awards ceremony, followed by a reception.
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Cairo, January 30, 2003
Yallakora announces launch of a new game and an enhanced content driven interface
With the impressive success of Yallakora’s fantasy football game, Yallakora is confident that its latest game, Predict and Win! will be an achievement of equal magnitude.
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Cairo, January 23, 2003
Yallakora awards its top 20-team managers in the first phase of the “Yallakora Fantasy Football Competition.”
The fantasy football competition takes place throughout the Egyptian football league season and allows users to create their own team, using players from the actual Egyptian League. Beginning with 100 points
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Cairo, October 30, 2002
ArabFinance launches US Trade and US Streamer
ArabFinance, the Arab world’s leading online financial gateway, recently launched their two most anticipated products: US Trade and US Streamer, and consequentially, fulfilled the increasing demand by Arab investors for transparent financial information and services in the US markets.
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Cairo, May 21, 2002
LINKdotNET Acquisition Makes Arab Internet history
The LINKdotNET acquisition of nine Arab Internet businesses is the biggest Internet acquisition that the Arab world has seen, creating LE 365 million Internet firm.
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