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LINK2Work Overview
LINK2Work is an enterprise service that allows companies’ employees to remotely connect to company’s network and applications from any location around the world using the latest VPN technologies, SSL VPN.

With LINK2Work, employees can easily connect to the company with a username and password authentication mechanism and access applications, intranets, and network resources according to their granted privileges.

Now you can put your dreams into action and start mobilizing your workforce and save on office space and transportation budgets. Be immune to virus attacks as your employees can work from any place that has internet access. Improve employees productivity, enhance corporate communications and maximize your revenues.

LINK2Work Features & Benefits
  • Employees can connect securely to their company’s network with different privileges and access levels
  • Easy customization through self management portal
  • Solution supports web based applications, windows applications or even access to the whole corporate network resources
  • You can access it from your PC or mobile
  • A hosted solution, so no upfront hardware or software investment needed
  • Free accounts are offered to LINKdotNET’s Leased line customers
LINKdotNET will provide your company with the needed connectivity solutions as well as having special offers on internet connectivity for the employees.

Juniper technologies were the technologies of choice when developing LINK2Work as they offered the maximum flexibility and feature rich environments, not to mention their leadership to the SSL VPN market.

For more information kindly contact us on our 24/7 customer service number 16333.

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