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Cairo, February 23, 2005

LINKdotNET Develops MegaClub, Heralding New IT Era in Egypt

In an important milestone on the road to the creation of a true information society in Egypt, LINKdotNET, one of the largest IT solutions and service providers in the Middle East, is proud to announce that it has completely developed and hosted the ICT Mega Club that was launched on February 23rd at a high-level ceremony. This new portal aims to provide extensive Arabic content and e-learning materials to users of more than 1000 IT clubs all across Egypt and comes as part of LINKdotNET's growing contributions to IT advancement in Egypt.

The ceremony was attended by H.E. Dr. Tarek Kamel the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Mr. Jean-Philippe Courtois President Europe, Middle East and Africa, Microsoft, and Mr. Karim Ramadan, General Manager Microsoft Egypt.

LINKdotNET's developing, designing, providing content and hosting of the ICT Mega Club portal gives major impetus to the drive towards creating a knowledge based society in Egypt. Mega Club aims to transform over 1000 IT clubs across the country into a major driving force behind the technological advancement of Egypt. Furthermore, it will help visitors to these clubs become proficient in a wide range of e-skills necessary for professional advancement in the 21st century. LINKdotNET was proud to have played this role by its development of the Mega Club

Being truly comprehensive, the portal includes two sections: the first is a wide-ranging portal that includes content provided by LINKdotNET covering a diverse range of topics and designed to cater to all interests such as: sports, news, career services, business news, women, entertainment, and electronic knowledge. The second provides online training and information about the IT clubs across Egypt. Using material provided by Microsoft, LINKdotNET designed the ICT Mega Club portal to provide six step-by-step IT training courses namely word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, digital media, and computer fundamentals.

LINKdotNET believes in the potential and value- added effects of developing a portal such as the ICT Mega Club. Through the content and services the portal provides, large sectors of Egyptian society, particularly in the underserved areas of Egypt, are given the opportunity to learn about ICT, interact with it, and benefit from it. And it is that increased E-literacy that truly propels any society into the information age.

"We firmly believe in ICT's ability to develop the skills that enable members of society to realize their full potential. The major aim of launching this portal is to increase awareness of the importance of ICT in Egyptian society and to enable IT clubs to communicate with each other in order to share information and experiences," stated H.E. Tarek Kamel, Minister of Communications and Information Technology.

"The benefits of the Mega Club transcend the direct positive effects it has on the IT clubs. The Mega Club will benefit society as a whole by being a modernizing factor that will, through increasing overall IT awareness and skills, help transform Egypt and create the knowledge-based society all nations aspire to," emphasized Khaled Bichara, CEO and President of LINKdotNET

Mr. Courtois praised LINKdotNET's effective role in the project that involved the design and development of the portal, in addition to hosting it and providing its content. LINKdotNET was also very happy to have played a crucial role in the government's efforts to ensure that the benefits of utilizing IT are reaped by all sectors of Egyptian society.

The launching of the Mega Club is the most recent event in a history of successful collaboration between the Egyptian Government and LINKdotNET to revolutionize the IT community in the country. Previous to the launching of the Mega Club, LINKdotNET used Microsoft technology to develop the Egyptian Bawaba Portal, the Egyptian Government's official portal. For its work in this undertaking, and as an indicator of the level of excellence achieved, LINKdotNET received the "Integration Solution of the Year" award for Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa region by Microsoft during Momentum, a worldwide partner event held in the US in 2004. In addition, in the beginning of the year, and in a ceremony attended by three Egyptian government ministers, the Sales Tax Authority launched its government-to-business services, which was also developed by LINKdotNET.

LIINKdotNET has once again demonstrated its commitment to being a strong driving force behind Egypt's technological advancement. After having made previous vital contributions in the field of ICT at the government and corporate levels, this time LINKdotNET has made an important contribution at the grass roots level.
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