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Cairo, October 30, 2002

ArabFinance launches US Trade and US Streamer

ArabFinance, the Arab world’s leading online financial gateway, recently launched their two most anticipated products: US Trade and US Streamer, and consequentially, fulfilled the increasing demand by Arab investors for transparent financial information and services in the US markets.

With ArabFinance’s US Trade, investors are now guaranteed access to ArabFinance’s secure online trading service coupled with the latest news, information and advice about the US markets, helping traders reach their portfolio goals in the most effective manner. Services include:

  • Online stocks, options and mutual funds trading.
  • Incomparable security; all accounts are FDIC insured.
  • Online broker assisted transactions.
  • Order tracking throughout the ordering cycle.

To further assist traders and researchers, ArabFinance’s US Streamer allows users to track their US equities’ portfolio in REAL TIME, giving users access to all the following: 


  • Real-Time Streaming quotes from NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ and OPRA Exchanges.
  • Real-Time tracking of your portfolios’ gain/loss. (Up to the SECOND)
  • Up to 500 stocks can simultaneously be tracked.
  • No software download required.

For more information, please contact:
Sherif Farahat
Public Relations Manager
Tel: (202) 2768 65 00
Fax: (202) 2768 65 55

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