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Our strategic partners play a central role in the development of our products and the delivery of our services. LINKdotNET has several such alliances with both technology and industry leaders, specializing in everything from equipment to communications, and applications to platforms.

Microsoft, the global software giant, is our applications and platforms partner, a cast-iron guarantee that all our customers will benefit from leading-edge solutions. LINKdotNET is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in Integrated E-Business Solutions and Microsoft Business Solutions.

We enjoy an ongoing strategic alliance with Infonet Services Corporation, as a result of which LINKdotNET provides global connectivity for Infonet in Egypt.

LINKdotNET is allied with UUNET of New York, a Tier1 IP provider, and one of the largest IP providers in the world. Juniper, Zhone and Siemens are key partners in LINKdotNET’s network infrastructure.

We work in close harmony with Intel, the leader in semiconductor manufacturing and technology, who bring the highest levels of power, performance, scalability and reliability to our clients.

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